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Need more practice…

Been over five weeks since I was last rostered to play guitar at my church.  Been so busy over this period with Christmas gatherings, school holidays, get togethers… I haven’t been practicing as much as I would’ve liked.  Was a bit rusty picking up the guitar yesterday to go through the song list… Going through the songs again today and will definitely do more practicing tomorrow. One thing for certain though… as soon as I picked up the guitar and play, just confirms it that I really love playing the guitar and music.  The sound of the guitar, the feel of the strings, the guitar neck, etc…  I love ’em all. Such an honour and privilege to be able to play guitar in the Riverview Church Worship team.

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ThinkTANK Photo StreetWalker Pro

This is probably one of my earliest ThinkTANK Photo camera bags.  As with most photographers, we are always searching for that perfect camera bag.  From late 1990s I used Lowepro camera bags exclusively before discovering Crumplers around 2008s.  However, within a year, I changed all my camera bags to Kata bags. Still not fully happy with the carrying solution, I […]

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What’s in my camera bag….

I’ll be taking photos for the “Finding Christmas” production at Riverview Church tomorrow. So since I have packed which cameras and lenses I’m taking with me, I thought I’d share a short “What’s in my camera bag” post. Remember, this is for a “concert” photo session so the “what’s in my bag” will be different if it’s a portrait session, […]

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