Tenba DNA 15 Backpack & BYOB 9 backpack insert

UPDATE (Feb 2018):  I have sold the Tenda DNA 15 Backpack.  I’ve replaced it with the F-Stop Guru UL backpack. I’m addicted to camera bags.  While I like dedicated camera bags, like the Think Tank Retro series or Streetwalker backpack series, the most practical type of bag for me right now are bags that can hold minimal camera gear plus some non-camera items. For this, I am still searching for that “perfect” everyday backpack that can hold my camera gear as well as some items that I  need to bring along for my 4 year old son.  And the bag will also need to not be too bulky. A few weeks back, I did a quick overview of Mindshift Gear’s SidePath backpack.  I like that bag when I need a real minimal gear.  It is a very practical bag, very lightweight and small.  In terms of camera gear in the Mindshift, you can either fit: a standard dSLR with a 24-70mm on its own, or a standard dSLR with a 50mm prime and a small point n shoot camera (ie. Canon G7X). And for this reason, I went out to look for a similarly sized bag but can hold slightly more camera gear for those occasions when I want to bring an extra lens and a flash with me as well. I looked at a few options: MindShift Gear Trailscape 18L – love the size but there’s not enough space […]

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