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Maisie’s TPLO Surgery: 2 weeks post op

Her wound on the 27th March 2018 (1 week post op) … so good to see that she is healing nicely (31st March 2018) And this one is taken on the 3rd April 2018 (2 weeks post op) She is putting weight on her leg more confidently now… She is still not allowed to be her usual playful self (not for another 6 weeks at least).  So it’s just going to the toilet, short 5-min walks then back inside. Will be bringing her to the vet for post op check up tomorrow.

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Days 5-7 after TPLO surgery.

Day #5: Maisie is slowly improving but still can hardly put any weight on her left hind leg. She still needs to be confined whenever she’s not on her toilet breaks (5-10min)… which is very tough for her as she is easily excitable.  Sometimes she’d do a quick sprint after her toilet break. Here are some pics of the bruising […]

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Maisie: Day 3 & 4 post op TPLO surgery

Maisie still didn’t want to put any weight on her leg. Bruising is getting darker now. She is not allowed to get excited or be active (will be like this for the next 2 months). We take her out to the garden to do her business a few times each day – not exceeding 10 minutes each time. Then it’s back inside to rest and put ice pack on her leg.  Some photos from day 3. And here are some photos from Day 4….

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