ThinkTANK Photo StreetWalker Pro


This is probably one of my earliest ThinkTANK Photo camera bags.  As with most photographers, we are always searching for that perfect camera bag.  From late 1990s I used Lowepro camera bags exclusively before discovering Crumplers around 2008s.  However, within a year, I changed all my camera bags to Kata bags.

Still not fully happy with the carrying solution, I did more research and found out about ThinkTANK Photo.  It was hard to get any ThinkTANK bags back then in Perth Australia but eventually I got my first ever ThinkTANK Photo camera bag (Urban Disguise 50 V2.0) around 2011.  Since then, I’ve pretty much replaced all my camera bags to ThinkTANK.  Around the same year I bought two backpacks – StreetWalker HardDrive and StreetWalker Pro – I still have both of these bags and still use them when need to.


This review will be on the StreetWalker Pro.  What I love about this bag is how comfortable it is considering how much gear it can hold.  Plus the fact that is is a very compact bag.

In this photo, I have 2 camera bodies (a Canon 5D and an EOS R) with lens attached plus 2 other lens and some space accessories.


And in the second photo I have some items I take with me when I’m out with the family in the park or city.  I have my EOS R with the 16-35 lens, the RF35mm lens, a Canon G7X II plus some spare accessories.  Also I have things like my son’s change of clothes, toys, water bottle, etc.


I have the wet wipes and toys in the zippers outside the main camera storage area. It is a very roomy bag.

In one of the side pocket,  I have an organiser to store cables, lens cleaner and micro fibre cloth.

I also use the camera support strap (optional from ThinkTANK) so I can attach my camera(s) to it when walking for long periods such us when visiting the zoo or places like that.


Another thing I like to do when walking in the city or crowded place is to use a caribiner and attach it to one of the loop for the tripod strap and lock the zippers up like in the photo below.


Overall, I’m pretty happy with the StreetWalker Pro… and for those who needs to carry an iPad around the StreetWalker Pro V2.0 have a room for an iPad.


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