Think TANK Photo Urban Disguise 40 Classic (V3.0)



The ThinkTANK Photo Urban Disguise 40 Classic is a very well-made camera bag.  You can say that this is probably my main everyday bag that I use when taking my camera gear out.  I alternate between this, the Tenba DNA 15 Slim (sold this yesterday) and the ThinkTANK Retro 30.

These three bags are all very well built and practical in their own way.  I have separate reviews on the other two bags.  Now back to the Urban Disguise 40…

There are lots of reviews about there about this bag and its features so I won’t go into details about them.  Instead I’ll just list the things I like about this bag:

  • the thick padded shoulder pad/strap
  • the layout to store my camera gear is very nice and practical
  • the quality of the zippers and material
  • the leather made it look nicer than the v2.0
  • lots of pockets for different things.
  • the “classic” look of the bag
  • comes with rain cover plus extra dividers

10780094128_1d3a1014I use a 15″ MacBook Pro so I don’t really use the laptop sleeve so the one thing I do wish for about this bag is for it to not have the laptop sleeve just to make the bag slimmer (similar to the Urban Disguise 40 V2.0).  However, that sleeve do come in handy to store flat items that I have with me like filters, power banks, cables, documents and memory card wallets.

I use this bag to hold the following items:


  • Canon 5D3 with 24-105mm attached
  • 1-2 spare lens (can fit 70-200 f2.8).
  • speedlite.
  • spare batteries, cards.
  • Canon G7X II point n shoot
  • Front organiser keeps pens, lens wipes

There is also a large pocket in front of the bag, hidden by the flap that can store extra things while travelling with a 5- year old like change of clothes, wet wipes, etc.  If you fill this space up, it will definitely make the bag really bulky.

I took this bag with me on my trip to Manila, Philippines back in July.  It was used to store minimal camera gear (ie. 5D3 with 35mm lens and a point n shoot).  The rest had my noise cancelling headphone, passports for the whole family, pens, phone, etc.


Definitely a perfect travel bag for me.  I had another camera bag (empty) in my checked in luggage so when I got to Manila, I ended up using that as my daily walkaround bag and left this in the hotel room.  The reason being is that while this bag does not scream “camera bag”, it does look like a business bag that carries a laptop which might put me in a higher risk of getting mugged in certain places in the Philippines – but that’s just me being my paranoid self :). Back in Australia, I don’t mind carrying this anywhere.

I do like the look and design of the Urban Disguise series…  I used to have the Urban Disguise 50 V2.0 (my very first intro to Think TANK Photo camera bags actually) that I sold and replaced it with the Urban Disguise 60 Classic – I use the UD60 when I need to bring  my 15″ MacBook Pro plus A LOT of camera gear.



  1. Hi! Do you still have this bag? Any additional comments after using for so long? Trying to decide between the retro 10 and this bag, (i can get a new one). Thanks!


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