Tenba DNA 15 Slim Limited Edition

The Tenba DNA 15 Slim messenger bag in its Limited Edition styling is definitely one of the nicest looking messenger bag that I had.  It is a pity that it was only available in the DNA 8 and DNA 15 Slim sizes.



201807171036canon powershot g7 x mark ii

The Limited Edition is made to celebrate Tenda’s 40th a
nniversary making camera bags and that material looks extremely durable.  I had it with me when I had to make a 100m run from the carpark to a building in heavy rain and it kept the gear inside completely dry.  I didn’t use the rain cover that time as it will mean opening the bag to get to the rain cover which will definitely get the inside wet.

My favourite things about this bag are those magnetic locks, the top opening and the removable camera insert.  Simple design elements that just works.

The shoulder strap and pad is comfortable.  The hardware feels solid.  The zipper is smooth.  Overall it is a solid bag and I really wish they made the DNA 13 with this material.

As of yesterday (after months of thinking about it), I did end up selling this bag mainly because it just feels too tight when I have my Canon 5D with an attached lens plus 1-2 other lens in it.  With those gear in it, the 15″ MacBook is a very tight fit.

When I was away on holidays using it, I mainly use it to hold my Canon G7X point and shoot plus some items for my 5 year old son.  I like the size of this “slim” version but to expect it to house a standard dSLR is a big ask.  Maybe a 5D with the pancake lens will do it but I don’t use that setup as my main lens.1u2a0013

It is a very good size for an everyday messenger bag and will be the perfect size if I had a mirrorless setup.  Unfortunately I’m still rocking a Canon 5D with big lenses which, although it can fit inside the bag, it made the bag bulky to the point where it defeats the purpose of the “slim” version/feature of the bag.

UPDATE (13 Dec 2018):  I have sold this bag as I really wish this is the non-slim version to fit my Canon 5D better.  Am using the Think Tank Urban Disguise 40 as my everyday bag these days.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I just bought his bag and had been searching for reviews for the special edition one specifically. But I agree it’s you on all fronts about the Slim being a little too tight for full sized DSLRs. I have the dna 8 SE and absolutely loved using it with my smaller MFT cameras, but recently upgraded to a G9 with a couple of wide lenses and a flash. I look forward to using this bag as it looks awesome and seems to be exactly what I need.

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    • I really wanted to keep this bag as it is really functional and the material on the special edition is top quality. Hopefully they’ll do a DNA 13 with this material someday.


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