Maisie’s TPLO Surgery

We took Maisie in for her TPLO (tibial-plateau-leveling osteotomy) surgery on Tuesday 20th of March.  Her procedure was later that afternoon.  The photo below was taken that morning when I told her I couldn’t give her breakfast as she needs to be on fasting.


This is the last photo we took before we had to leave her at the vet.  Definitely wasn’t easy and felt weird when we got home and Maisie wasn’t at the door to greet us.  Nathaniel was very sad when we came home from school that day without Maisie.


21st March 2018:  This is an x-ray for the surgery that was done on Maisie’s left hind leg.  We picked her up from the vet at around 6pm.


Some photos of Maisie when we got home from the vet.  She was in a bit of pain as she didn’t finish her dinner at her normal pace.  She actually stopped eating for a good 10 minutes before finishing the rest.  That’s a first for her in the 8.5 years we’ve had her… she normally gulps down her food.


Closer look at the cut.  She’ll be on recovery mode the next 2- 3 months.  For the next 1-2 weeks she’s not allowed to do much besides going outside to do her business.  Can’t run, can’t go on steps, not allowed to get excited and jump, etc…


Sleepy girl…


She had to wear the “cone of shame” to make sure she doesn’t lick the surgery site.


Hoping that Maisie will recover well and can build strength on the left leg again as her right knee will need this surgery too.


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