Super BlueBlood Moon (31 January 2018)

Like a lot of people, I tried to take photos of the moon on the 31st Jan 2018 for the Super Blue Blood Moon.


Here is one of my test shot… at around 7:40pm (Perth time).  It is summer here in Australia so it was still pretty bright at 7pm… with sunset around 7:19pm that night.


As soon as it got dark, you can already see the eclipse starting…


I used two cameras that night.  A Canon EOS 7D MkII with Canon 70-300mm L lens and a Canon Powershot G3X (with 24-600mm lens).  The images you see here were mostly  from the 7D.  I was hoping the 600mm on the G3X will give me a better result but there were lots more detail on the 7D.  All the images (from both cameras) were cropped.

img_1105Series of shots taken between 8pm to about 8:50pm.


As moon gets darker, I had to adjust the exposure (and bump the ISO a bit)…


I didn’t wait for the full cycle of the eclipse to end coz there were too many mozzies out that night.


These photos were taken from my backyard coz I was too lazy and tired to go out that night.  Had a long day as it was my son’s first day in kindy as well so we had an early dinner that evening and put him to bed around 7pm.


Thanks 🙂

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