Music Man EVH/Axis Guitars…

I’ve been wanting to own a Music Man Axis Super Sport guitar in blue (with a nice flame or quilt top), maple neck and trem for decades!!!  Was finally able to score this 12 year old guitar for a decent price.


My love for Music Man guitars really started back in 1991 when I read that Eddie Van Halen designed his signature guitar with them.  At 15 years old I could never afford a Music Man back then.

Fast forward to 1995 when I heard that Eddie Van Halen has  separated from Music Man (and moved onto Peavey to build his signature guitar).  I was devastated as I’ve always been drawn into Music Man even though I haven’t really played one before.

Fast forward another two years to 1997.  I was working full-time already but obviously Music Man no longer makes the EVH model but to my surprise a local music store rings me up telling me a collector who bought six Music Man EVH models back in 1991 decided to sell five of them.  By the time I went to the music store there was only one Music Man EVH guitar left (pretty much in brand new condition)… and I got it right then and there 🙂IMG_2316

It is my first of many Music Man guitar since…  Music Man decided to keep the model going but renaming it to the Axis series of guitars.  Axis being the closest model to the EVH model with a few minor changes.  Then there’s Axis Sport (which has since been discontinued) and Axis Super Sport.

Over the years, I’ve owned a couple of Axis Sports and Axis Super Sports.  Here’s a photo of an earlier collection of Axis Super Sports and Axis Sport guitars…

2011 07 0912-57 - 1

Fast forward to recent years… I sold my Axis Sport and the orange Axis Super Sports guitars pictured above – I blame it on a bad case of GAS so got rid of them to fund other guitars 🙂  At that time, I did decide to keep that natural finish Axis SS with piezo as Music Man no longer offer the piezo option on any of the Axis line of guitars.

Anyway, blue being my favourite colour and Axis being my first Music Man, I’ve always wanted a blue Music Man Axis SS.  However, with the value of Australian dollar against US dollar, I can never justify paying for a brand new Music Man Axis SS guitar.  So I’ve been waiting… waiting… and waiting the last 8 years or so for a second hand one to show up.

So I was really lucky one showed up in the last month right after I sold (another limited edition) Music Man True Gold Luke II a month earlier.  So here it is, my EVH and Axis SS collection (for now).


In saying this though… I can’t really justify owning two Axis SS guitars so am trying to sell the Axis SS with piezo guitar.  I know that the piezo option is no longer being offered but in the 10 years of owning that guitar, I’ve probably only used the piezo three times – and all that was at home fiddling with it so I’ve never used it live.

Here are some more pics of the EVH and the blue Axis SS…

…. and so if you are interested in this Music Man Axis Super Sport with piezo, let me know 🙂


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