F-Stop Lotus backpack

UPDATE (10 Dec 2018):  I have sold this backpack as I’ve only used it less than 5 times since purchasing it close to 12 months ago.

This is my new F-Stop Lotus backpack.  This post is not a full review as I haven’t had enough experience with it as yet.  I’ll just post what I have in it so that it’ll give you an indication on its size and what it can fit.


As can be seen in the pictures below… I am using F-Stop’s Medium Shallow Internal Camera Unit (ICU as they call it).  For this example, I have the following gear:

  1. Canon 5D Mk III wth EF 35 f1.4L attached.
  2. Spare batteries inside Think Tank Photo Battery Holders
  3. Canon EF 24-70 F2.8L
  4. Canon EF 50 f1.4
  5. Canon EF 40 f2.8 pancake
  6. Canon Speedlite 580EX II
  7. Canon G7X Mk II.


The bag feels very solid.  Everything feels well put together.  Lots of straps, loops, stretchy pockets and other features that you can read on their website.

The bag have three compartments.  One small one in front that you can hold jackets and other thin items.  The other compartment is located on top of the bag, this can hold more small items such as keys, snacks, etc.

The third (and main) compartment holds the ICUs.  In my case, I bought the medium shallow.  This allows me to fit in a Think Tank Photo My 2nd Brain 15″ Laptop sleeve behind the ICU.  There’s also a zipped mesh pocket on the lip of this opening – I put my Think Tank Photo Memory Card wallet here.

Very handy to be able to fit the laptop sleeve as if you put the laptop there directly, there is very minimal padding to protect the laptop.


Access to your camera gear is from the back of the bag.  Not sure if you can see it from the photos but there are still lots of room for personal items inside this main compartment even after putting in the Medium Shallow ICU and Think Tank Photo Laptop sleeve – if I’m travelling, I plan to use this space for a pair of headphones (JBL Everest 700 Elite) and a couple of small pouches to carry various accessories like laptop and camera chargers, cables, power banks, etc.


When you open the back to access the camera, there are various straps/loops and a small zippered pocket – I just use this to put in some spare AA batties, memory card wallet and cables.


There are also three other small compartments in this bag.  There are two zippered pockets on each side to hold water bottles or tripod, and another zippered pocket at the bottom of the bag – this is where I put the rain cover (have to buy separately) in it.

Overall, I am really liking the quality of this backpack so far.  It is definitely a practical bag if you want to carry a decent amount of camera gear and have lots of room left for personal items.  It is on the big side (for me) but kinda need this size to fit in the Medium Shallow ICU, the laptop sleeve and have extra room for other things.


Thank you for reading.

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