Quick Overview: Mindshift Gear SidePath

First time trying out this simple daypack by Mindshift Gear to hold a real basic camera gear plus personal items (kids stuff mainly for my 4 year old).  This is also the first time I’m writing a “review” about camera bags….

For a casual day going out with the family I normally use my ThinkTANK Photo Retrospective 20 or 30 or the MindShift Gear Photocross 13 to bring my camera gear around.  My typical gear would be a Canon 7D II with either the 24-105mm or the 50mm f1.4 lens attached, a flash (580EX), a spare lens (the 40mm pancake lens or 85mm f1.8) and a Canon G7X II.  Other accessories would include spare batteries and memory cards.


Having a 4-year old boy meant having a separate bag to carry any spare clothes, water bottle, toys, wet-wipes, snacks, etc with us as well.


If I’m taking the boy out on my own I’d put all his stuff inside my camera bag – while I can fit all these in the Think Tank Retro 20 or 30, it’s a pretty tight fit in the Mindshift Photocross 13.  The Retros 20 and 30 do get pretty bulky and heavy with everything in it… and not as easy chasing a 4 year old kid around the park with it


How I have setup the inserts in the photo above can fit the Canon 7D with 50mm (or 85mm) lens attached, the rain cover and the Canon G7X II.  I can fit the 7D with 24-105 in there if I remove the rain cover (I’d move the rain cover in the personal compartment).

Have decided on the Mindshift Gear Sidepath for a few reasons.

  1. Limited camera space meant if it’s a simple day out with the family, I’d mainly use the Canon G7X so I’d usually just pack the G7X plus the Canon 7D with the 50mm (or 85mm) prime attached in the camera compartment.
  2. Backpack – so I can chase the kid around the park easier.
  3. Personal space to fit all his stuff plus some spare items like batteries and memory cards.
  4. Bottle holders on the side for water bottles for the family.


The backpack straps are very lightweight and comfortable.  Have only used this briefly this morning but I don’t see any issues with it as the bag itself is quite small, so very unlikely that you’ll put too much in it to make it heavy.


If I want to bring more camera gear (ie. extra lens and a flash), I’d still use the Retro 20 or 30.  I am looking forward to using this backpack more often when out with the family and all I need is the G7X plus a basic camera setup such as Canon 7D with 50mm prime attached.


UPDATE (12 Jan 2018):  I have sold this backpack as I need slightly more space for my camera gear.  At the very least it needs to hold my Canon 7D2 with 50mm f1.4, a Canon G7X Mk2 and either another lens or a flash.

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